Hello Austria!!!!

WPAI Austria welcomes the photographers of Austria to the world of possibility and exposure!!!

WPAI Austria is a sister concern of WPAI India that is engaged to create platforms for budding and professional photographers in contemporary times. WPAI Austria is engaged in both artistic and academic activities for the photographers in Austria. WPAI Austria started its journey in July 2022 with a motif to connect Austrian photographers to the rest of the world for the sake of promoting Austrian beautiful landscape and rich cultural heritage across the globe. We wish to spread the messages of humanity, equality and love through photography and we believe that the world will turn out to be a place of peace and harmony through the promotion of aesthetics.

WPAI Austria is a society of photography that affiliates the clubs and institutions of photography in Austria. We support the clubs to organise photography events like international salons, circuits, photography tours, workshops etc. WPAI publishes the WPAI Newsletter, a quarterly online photography magazine that brings out scholarly articles on different genres of photography. WPAI Austria invites all the photographers in Austria to connect with us so that we can create a platform for knowledge sharing here in our society.

Have a rewarding photographic journey and exposure with WPAI Austria!!!

Thanking you